»The transformation of the soul is the very reason
for the existence of music.«

George Enescu (1881-1955)


The violinist Alexandra Bartoi is a soloist, chamber musician and initiator of various concert projects. After an engagement with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, she has been a permanent member of the MDR Symphony Orchestra since 2010.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, she studied in Hamburg, New York and is currently living in Berlin. Alexandra Bartoi has a particularly close relationship to the music of the Romanian composer George Enescu (1881-1955). His music enables her to reconnect with her own roots. In 2016, she founded The Enescu Project, an association of young musicians who bring classical music to unusual places and give Enescu's grandiose chamber music a renaissance.

In 2017 they were invited to the international George Enescu Festival in Bucharest. UT Classic, the Enescu Project's own concert series, enters its third season in 2019/20.

In addition to her concert activities, Alexandra Bartoi is currently working on establishing a chamber music festival at George Enescu's birthplace Liveni.

The Enescu Project

Whoever experiences George Enescu's work is not only overwhelmed by the beauty and intensity of his music, but also touched by his humanism. Whether on the great concert stages of the world or in the farmhouses of his native Moldova, Enescu has been committed throughout his life to giving everyone access to classical music.

Born in 1881 in the small village of Liveni in northern Romania, Enescu was influenced by folk music, simple country life and the deep faith of his homeland. The only surviving of eight children, he left at the age of seven to study violin and composition in Vienna and Paris. He was considered a child prodigy of classical music. Later he achieved world fame as a composer, interpreter, conductor and teacher. George Enescu died in 1955 in voluntary exile in Paris.

The longing for the places of his childhood accompanied him throughout his life. The center of his creative power is the yearning preserved in the Romanian word »Dor« - as Enescu put it: »sadness in the midst of joy«.

Inspired by Enescu's music and work, »The Enescu Project« was established in 2016. A group of young musicians bring classical music to places where you wouldn't expect it, and thereby give Enescu's grandiose chamber music a renaissance.

The Enescu Project made its celebrated debut in 2016 on the occasion of the »Festival of Lights« at the UT Connewitz in Leipzig, the oldest functioning cinema in Germany. Only one year later an invitation to the international »George Enescu Festival« followed to Bucharest, Romania.

At UT Connewitz, the Enescu Project has since organized its own concert series in the spirit of Enescu: »UT Classic« is focused on high-quality classical music at an unusual location where all those interested in classical music feel at home - in a relaxed atmosphere and with an entertaining moderation.

The Enescu Project brings Enescu's music to the world. Since this music also belongs back to the place from which Enescu drew his inspiration throughout his life, the initiator of the project, Alexandra Bartoi, is currently planning a chamber music festival at Enescu's birthplace Liveni.


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